Santa Teresa 1796 El Concorde

Santa Teresa 1796 El Concorde

When people think of the Concorde jet, they think of Paris, London and New York. What they don't expect, is that the Concorde also flew direct from Paris to Caracas. In this cocktail, we pay homage to the classic Airmail cocktail and its combination of rum, lime, honey and champagne; however, El Concorde is a decidedly more decadent expression, incorporating banana to highlight the tropical flavour in Santa Teresa 1796, and offering a truly jet-set experience. SPARKLING WHITE WINE, HONEY AND SANTA TERESA 1796. THIS IS PERFECTLY-BALANCED DECADENCE, AND A MUST-HAVE FOR ANY CELEBRATION.


  • 30 ml Santa Teresa 1796​
  • 10 ml Banana Liqueur​
  • 15 ml Fresh Lime Juice​
  • 15 ml Runny Honey​
  • Top with Champagne or sparkling white wine​


  • 1. Combine all ingredients except sparkling wine in a shaker
  • 2. Shake
  • 3. Strain into flute or coupe
  • 4. Top with Champagne or Sparkling white wine

A Unique taste of nuts, leather, vanilla, cinnamon, dark chocolate, prunes, hints of honey and pepper