Santa Teresa 1796 Cojonudo

Santa Teresa 1796 Cojonudo

The Cojonudo was born on the Hacienda Santa Teresa, where it is summer all year round. A simple concoction of Santa Teresa 1796 lengthened with some sparkling water and finished with orange oils, this is a cocktail made for appreciating lazy afternoons and good company. LONG, DRY AND REFRESHING, THIS IS A PERFECT AFTERNOON OR EARLY-EVENING SIPPER.


  • 50 ml Santa Teresa 1796​
  • 50 ml Sparkling water​


  • 1. Combine ingredients in mixing glass
  • 2. Stir
  • 3. Strain over rocks or ice block​
  • 4. Garnish with an Orange zest 

A Unique taste of nuts, leather, vanilla, cinnamon, dark chocolate, prunes, hints of honey and pepper